Beware the Skinsaw Man!

Pathfinders-skinsaw-murdersThe second part of Pathfinder Legends is out now from Big Finish – The Skinsaw Murders is written by little old me and based on the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords game.

Here’s the official blurb!

Sandpoint used to be such a safe place to live – until the scarecrows started to walk.

A series of grisly murders points to an undead killer. With Merisiel missing, Valeros, Harsk and Ezren must track the mysterious Skinsaw Man back to his haunted lair. Can they survive vengeful spirits, necrotic guardians and assassin cults to discover the secrets of the ancient rune carved into each of the corpses? Or will death find them as they explore the dangerous streets of Magnimar?

Writing this series was great fun, alternating episodes with my old mucker Mark Wright. I love a bit of sword and sorcery but have never had a chance to write it before.  (If only there was a dragon – oh hang on, one turns up in part 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants!)

I was also very excited to see that Sunny Ormonde is in the cast too. I have a guilty pleasure to admit – I’m a big fan of the Radio 4 drama/soap The Archers and Sunny plays my favourite character; Lilian Bellamy, a woman with the best laugh ever! Can’t wait to see (or should that be hear) what she does with her role as Xanesha!

Pathfinder Legends: The Skinsaw Murders is available from Big Finish Productions right now!

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