Evil laugh competitions plus Counter-Measures: Peshka reviewed

logoaJust got back from another great school visit. This time it was the turn of King’s Forest Primary School in Bristol. I ran three sessions, one for years 4/5, another for years 2/3 and finally for year 1 / reception.

We had a great time, discussing what led me to becoming a writer and how the best stories begin with a single question. Oh, and we also made monsters using tin foil and ran a ‘best evil laugh’ competition. Some of the pupils were absolutely terrifying (but the teachers’ laughs were pretty pant-wettingly-scary too. I may have nightmares tonight).

Tomorrow it’s back to writing a new Warhammer 40,000 short story, but in the meantime, I’ve just been sent an early edit of Night of the Whisper, the Ninth Doctor Destiny of the Doctor audiobook Mark and I have written for Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary. Very excited! Might have to listen straight away. The finished product will come out in September, so don’t forget to pre-order yours.

Counter-Measures - Series Two coverPeshka reviewed

Another of our latest releases has been getting some reviews online. Peshka is the third story in Big Finish’s second series of Counter-Measures.  Sci-Fi Bulletin call it “another great success”

The review says:

There’s a fine line in this sort of tale, which, as befits its espionage setting, is filled with twists and turns. You don’t want the audience to feel stupid when the revelations arrive, nor should they come completely out of left field (even if that’s how history shows such things tend to happen in the spy world in real life!) Scott and Wright get it pretty much nailed down: chances are you’ll understand what’s going on a few moments before the characters do – because we’ve been privy to more instances than any one of them has – and motivations are clarified just when they need to be before things feel out of kilter.

You can read the entire review at the Sci-Fi Bulletin website.



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