Official Skylanders 2014 Annual cover revealed

Another day, another Skylanders cover reveal.

Today is the turn of the Official Skylanders 2014 Annual, once again written by yours truly.


And, as always, here is the official blurb:

Join Master Eon, Spyro and the rest of the Skylanders in this jam-packed Official Annual. Crammed with stories, activities, comics, features and trivia, this is the number one stocking-filler for the budding young Portal Master in your life.

I’m especially excited as the Annual features the world’s first Skylanders comic strip story! Alongside all new activities and articles you’ll also find two brand new short stories.

Last year’s annual was the number one bestseller of 2012. I wonder how this one will do. It’s published by Puffin Books on 1st August, this year.

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  1. A comic strip, huh? When is this coming out? I’m continuing my own Skylanders comic and I’m very interested to see how this looks.

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