Onk Beakman revealed in Skylanders: Spyro Versus the Mega Monsters

Although it isn’t officially due to be published until tomorrow, my latest Skylanders tie-in chapter book has already hit the shops.

Written by my Skylands alter-ego Onk Beakman, Spyro Versus the Mega Monsters is the first in The Mask of Power series of books.

Over-sized critters are popping up all over Skylands – but that isn’t what’s worrying Spyro. The legendary purple dragon is more perplexed that Skylands also seems to have found a new, rather surprising, champion. Can they trust Skyland’s newest hero?

Best of all, the book features an illustration of Onk himself. This is me in penguin form:

Onk-BeakmanI’m having a blast writing these Skylander chapter books. The second and third volumes are already written and I start on book four next month.

But before then I have a mountain of work to get through.

  1. Complete my first activity book – deadline tomorrow – for an insanely popular kids franchise.
  2. Put the finishing touches to a 2014 annual.
  3. Make the edits to the yet-to-be-announced BBC Book Mark Wright and I wrote at the end of last year.
  4. Read and review a book for Doctor Who Magazine.
  5. Write two non-fiction books for Penguin Children’s Books.
  6. Write a short-story for a horror anthology.
  7. Co-write a new audio script with Mark.

Gulp. I better get cracking then. Head down, mind on…


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